When you receive your 'Photos Ready' email, sign in to your account and click the white checkmark. 


Review the photo count and total price, and if you are a real estate agent and require full assignment of images for your MLS, check the 'MLS License' box. Click the text to download the agreement to provide to your MLS if needed. When ready, click 'Pay with Card' to complete secure payment using your credit or debit card. 


If you are not a real estate agent and do not need an MLS use license, simply click 'Pay with Card' to complete checkout. By default, you will have a license from Vicaso to use the images. 


After clicking 'Pay with Card', secure checkout will appear. If you clicked 'Remember me' earlier, your email and card info will pre-fill. If not, you can enter your information, then click 'Remember me' to store your information for easier future deposits and checkout. Once completed, you will see a green button with a checkmark. You will then be able to view your completed order on your account dashboard where you can download photos, customize your iFlyer, and more.


For more help completing checkout, email support@vicaso.com or chat with us below.